Whale Watch Excursions

Whale Watch Excursion

Step aboard a journey that takes you into the heart of one of the ocean’s grandest spectacles –the annual migration of the Pacific Humpback Whales.   Imagine standing on the threshold of a realm where giants of the deep perform their timeless aquatic ballet. As the sun’s golden rays kiss the waves, you find yourself surrounded by the exhilarating energy of humpback whales, breaching, tail-slapping, and communing with their watery world.

Our Whale Watch Charters are not just a boat ride; they’re a front-row ticket to nature’s most majestic show. Picture the sheer awe as you witness these colossal creatures leap from the water, their enormity contrasting against the vast blue canvas. Every breach, every playful gesture, and every song sung through the ocean depths becomes an intimate connection with these gentle giants.

Guided by our seasoned experts, you’ll learn the intricate details of humpback whale behavior, their migratory patterns, and the nuances of their captivating songs. As you gaze upon these magnificent beings, you’re bound to feel a profound sense of wonder at the mystery of the ocean’s depths.

Adult 13+
Youth/Child 5-12

*Gratuity not included and at guest discretion based upon the experience

Our Seasonal Whale Watch Excursions (December – March) are an amazing afternoon on the water

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Why Choose Our Whale Watch Charter?

a window into a world that thrives in the fringes

Whale Watch Charters are a seasonal invitation – a window into a world that thrives in the fringes of our comprehension. During the humpback whale migration season, these charters offer a limited-time opportunity to witness these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.

Capture the awe-inspiring moments on camera as humpback whales breach in a symphony of nature’s brilliance. Share in the excitement of spotting a majestic fluke or the heartwarming sight of a mother and calf swimming in tandem. This isn’t just a whale-watching tour; it’s an immersion into the untamed beauty of the oceans.
Experience the majestic display of strength and playfulness of whales with us because: